I wanted to leave a note of thanks on your website… Thank you so much Devin for a truly AMAZING basic pistol class. We are all still talking about it and looking forward to practicing and purchasing pistols for ourselves. The class was awesome, from learning how to hold a pistol to shooting to safely cleaning one, I don’t think it could have been better. Can’t wait to sign up for another class and this time I’m bringing my husband too!!


I have been shooting pistols since 1986. What I know about pistol safety and shooting techniques has been limited to what my friends and family have taught me. I probably practice shooting at a range 6 or 7 times a year on average. Recently my wife and I decided to try out sport pistol shooting as something we could do together, but we both wanted to be more confident in our basic skills and knowledge first. We also knew from golfing, that instructing each other was never the best way to enjoy our valuable time together. We both needed a class that would teach us the proper and accepted way of doing things. We also needed an instructor that had the knowledge and patience to keep us both on the right track, while building our confidence in handling firearms safely.

Devin Howe, the owner and instructor at Liberty Defense, offered an NRA Basic Pistol Shooting course that was just what we needed. Devin guided us step by step through the NRA basic pistol course, rapidly building our fundamentals with hands on experience in a safe and organized manner. I was surprised at how much I learned, even though I have been shooting for years. I could see my wife’s confidence and enjoyment increase as we progressed through the day. Devin made the class light, safe and engaging, never intimidating. The Liberty Defense basic pistol course was a fun, memorable day. My wife and I could not have chosen a better place to start on our latest adventure together.

The basic pistol course was a fantastic value without a doubt.  We also enjoyed the facility and the members at the Quincy American Legion Gun Club so much that we are going to join the club.

Thanks again Devin, we will be back for more training next spring, when you offer the in-home defense course.


Excellent class!  The instructor, Devin, presented valuable knowledge and skills.  After taking the class, I feel 100% more confident in my ability to safely handle pistols.  I highly recommend the class.



I thoroughly enjoyed the Liberty Defense pistol training course you presented to our group. I appreciate how safety was the number one priority. The classroom demonstration had excellent and realistic props to learn with. The time on the gun range was super! I have been shooting pistols for about 30 years. You were able to identify the bad habits I have developed and help me to overcome them. I have gained much greater confidence and accuracy.

Thank You!


I’m still a novice with pistols. In all honesty I’ve now gone out to shoot them a total of four times. The first time I couldn’t hit the target at 5 yards. The second wasn’t a whole lot better, and mind you I’m a pretty good shot with a rifle or shotgun. My third attempt was with Liberty Defense. Devin taught me how to modify my stance and how to properly grip the pistol. That may sound basic, but it nearly eliminated my drift. Time number four I went out with my dad and brother who’ve been shooting pistols for years. You should have seen their faces when I was hitting the bullseye at 15 yards and they were all over the paper.



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